Lante Side Table

This side table features a diagonal leg which looks like a lantern light swinging in the wind. The top plate, giving the impression that it is floating in a soft way, is detachable and can be used as a tray for various purposes such as bringing drinks from the kitchen.

  • W508×D320×H521(Included tray)
  • Product number LAST

    \128,000(Tax Excluded)

Tree Species:
Raisin tree, Carpinus Japonica and Birch All tree species are domestic.
Main Frame:
Top Plate/ Raisin tree Clear Paint Finish (Glass Origin)
Tray/Birch or Maple Clear Paint Finish (Glass Origin)
Strut/Carpinus Japonica Clear Paint Finish (Glass Origin)
Steel Part Satin Paint Finish
Plate of serial No. entering is attached to all of the furniture.
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  • ○Price, Specifications, Size and Color are subject to change without notice.