A wooden crystal created by combining various kinds of wood. This stool looks like three arms carefully holding up the wooden crystal. Each stool has different combination of wood and different appearance of grain. Enjoy the encounter with your one-of-a-kind wooden crystal.

  • W350×D325×H520
  • Product number RISL

    \56,000(Tax Excluded)

Tree Species:
Knight, Raisin tree, Zekova Serrata, Cherry, Oak,Magnolia Obovata and Birch All tree species are domestic.
Clear Paint Finish (Glass Origin)
Birch or Maple Clear Paint Finish (Glass Origin)
Brass Part Clear Urethane Resin Paint Finish
Plate of serial No. entering is attached to all of the furniture.
  • ○Commodity and price is something of June 2015 current
  • ○Price, Specifications, Size and Color are subject to change without notice.