Ostinato Arm Chair

A softly curved backrest and the smooth arms that make you touch them forever. Each chair has different color and appearance of combined wood. Despite of its simple design, the chair makes you impressed by its willpower, facing straight forward.

Ostinato is a common technique in baroque music that comforts the listener by revisiting the same pattern and rhythm throughout a composition. The Moctave Ostinato Series, applying inspiration from this technique to its designs, provides viewers with a comforting sense of rhythm and harmony through the recurring arrangement of various unique woods.

  • W580×D525×H732×SH425
  • Product number OSAC

    One Piece for \140,000(Tax Excluded)

Tree Species:
Aesculus Turbinata, Maple, Carpinus Japonica,Magnolia Obovata, Oak,Zelkova Serrata, Walnut, Cherry and Beech All tree species are domestic.
Main Frame:
Arm&Back/ Clear Paint Finish (Glass Origin)
Legs/Dark Brown Janese Oak
with Clear Urethane Resin Paint Finish
Natural Leather (Camel Color)
Plate of serial No. entering is attached to all of the furniture.
  • ○Commodity and price is something of June 2015 current
  • ○Price, Specifications, Size and Color are subject to change without notice.